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We offer full-service assistance choosing and changing every type of name.

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What will you call yourself?

When life changes due to marriage, the addition of a child, divorce, or a transition to a new gender, decisions must be made about what everyone will call themselves. There's no right or wrong answer, only a right or wrong answer for each individual.

But one thing is certain-- names have become a choice rather than a given. Are you:

  • Getting married or remarried?
  • Expecting or adopting a child?
  • Creating a blended or step-family?
  • Divorcing?
  • Beginning again after the death of a spouse?
  • Seeking a name change that will help you move on from a difficult past?
  • Transitioning to a new gender?
  • or Just considering your options?

Let our Naming and Identity Expert Kelly Utt-Grubb help you choose a personally meaningful name you'll feel good about for many years to come. We offer personal naming consultation for first, middle, and last names, as well as help creating naming ceremonies.



Personal Naming Consultation - Comprehensive 3-Session Identity Package


Includes three 50-minute telephone or Skype consults and customized "homework" assignments that we ask you to complete in between our sessions. We'll also ask you to fill out a Client Questionnaire before our first session so we can be strategic and efficient with our time together from the very beginning. 

We don't suggest a particular solution for you, but rather we help you dig deep and make a personally meaningful decision you'll feel good about for many years to come.

Have questions? Contact us to sign up for a Free, No Obligation 15-Minute Phone Call to learn more.

Ready to get started? You can get going on our work together right away by downloading and filling out our Client Questionnaire.

Payment plans are available.


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Personal Naming Ceremony Script



Includes one custom naming ceremony script written just for you and tailored to your unique personality, situation, and background. We will interview you via email and phone as part of the process in order to determine how to create the most meaningful content possible. Naming Ceremony Scripts can be created as add-ons to wedding ceremonies, baby christenings and baptisms, or for stand-alone naming ceremonies to celebrate all types of personal name changes.

For a sample naming ceremony script, see Add a Naming Ceremony at Your Wedding For Feel-Good Recognition of Married Name Changes


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