Personal and Family Naming Service Raves



The way a couple works through the family naming issue speaks volumes about the way they’ll handle other serious issues in marriage. Kelly Utt-Grubb has hit a very rich vein! It is important to consider the issues she raises—such an inquiry will give you tremendous insight into you, your partner and your relationship!
— Dr. Diana Kirschner, Psychologist and Author

Your name is a reflection of who you are, who you want the world to see you as. Kelly Utt-Grubb helps us to sift through the many options and make a personal choice that feels right, that “fits” comfortably!
— Lissa Coffey, Lifestyle Expert and Author



I am grateful for the exploration and insights I gained working with Kelly Utt-Grubb. Kelly is a wealth of knowledge and her unique and thought provoking questions helped me get clarity about the important decision of my name. Even as a psychiatrist, I had not considered the depth of meaning and associations I had regarding my name. I made the consultation to confirm my decision about dropping my maiden name and learned that using a hyphenated name personally and professionally is really what is true for me. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity and I will encourage others to consult Kelly about the very powerful issue of the names we choose.
— Dr. Tammy Huber-Wilkins, Psychiatrist and The Name and I Client
My partner and I worked with The Name and I when considering a name change to honor our marriage. Kelly was an excellent counselor for this huge decision. This was the second time I’ve worked with Kelly and I can honestly say she is very creative, dedicated to clients, and goes above and beyond to make sure clients are happy. Her advice and thought-provoking process really got us to think about our goal and how a name change will impact us. Our ultimate decision came from Kelly’s suggestion - one we had never even considered before working with her. Thanks, Kelly!!!
— Eddie Sullivan from Thompsonville, Michigan
My partner and I have been married for 14 years but with the landmark Supreme Court decision in June 2015 and the legal recognition that came with it, we started talking about the possibility of a name change to reflect our new status. Kelly helped us through this process by providing valuable guidance and also the tools we needed, as a couple, to facilitate our discussions. I realized, as we went through this, just how significant it was for the both of us ... and Kelly’s guidance was incredibly helpful!
— Tracy Hobbs from Thompsonville, Michigan
The combined process of emailing with Kelly Utt-Grubb, completing a questionnaire for her background knowledge of me, my family and the naming process, a phone conversation with her, and the subsequent completion of a journaling exercise has taken an estimated 50 hours of time. I think this process is necessary and valuable and that I will know in the future that my naming decision was made using reason and method as opposed to being shallow and purely emotional. As I reflect on many events in my relationship with my husband, we have acknowledged that some of our key decisions entering into our marriage and in the early years of our marriage were not thought out completely and weren’t addressed properly. As I’ve told him, it’s not too late to get it right, and that is what I want for myself and for our relationship. I plan to share the journal and the questionnaire with my husband and sons.
— Ginger W from Atlanta, Georgia

Brand and Business Naming Service Raves

As a serial entrepreneur I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of different marketing professionals. What sets Kelly apart from all of the others? First, she has owned a couple of different businesses of her own which gives her a much broader perspective than someone that has only worked in the marketing industry. She truly understands the impact that naming and branding have on a business. Secondly, she is the most conscientious person that I have ever worked with. She goes above and beyond to ensure the work she does is not just really good but great. Kelly will keep tweaking until the work is perfect. Finally, she just has a passion and talent for naming. Whenever we had a new product for her to name you could feel the excitement in her voice. The names she developed for our products are an invaluable part of our brand. They are the key difference between us and our competitors.
— Wayne Noble, Owner of Carolina Farmstead and The Name and I Client