Hire Kelly Utt-Grubb to Speak to Your Group


Kelly Utt-Grubb is a naming and identity strategist with deep expertise in all aspects of personal and business naming.

Her work on the topic of family naming has been featured in major media including NPR, Parents.com, Huffington Post, Yahoo, The Los Angeles Times, EquallyWed, Divorce360, and more. Since 2007, Kelly has supported and assisted those deciding on a last name after marriage, divorce, or the addition of a child, and she has advocated for nontraditional naming options as valid personal choices. Listen to Kelly's radio interview on NPR about last names for a sample of her speaking presence.

Over the years as a business naming consultant Kelly has produced hundreds of unforgettable brand and product names through her brand strategy firm Utt-Grubb & Company. Kelly specializes in naming small and medium size businesses, family businesses, and solo practitioner practices, as well as their corresponding products and menu items.

If you'd like to have Kelly speak at your next event, please get in touch and include the following key pieces of information:

  1. Type of speaking engagement
  2. Speaker fee/budget
  3. Theme and title of event
  4. Date and location of event
  5. Audience demographics and size

Sample Formats:

  • Small group interactive
  • 60-90 minute keynote
  • 60-120 breakout session
  • Half-day training
  • Full-day Family or Business Naming Immersion Day
  • 2-3 day on-site Family or Business Naming Training

Sample Topics on Personal Naming:

  • How to choose a married name you'll feel good about
  • Questions to consider before taking his name
  • Married name change considerations for men
  • The do’s and dont’s of discussing nontraditional surname options with your more traditional partner
  • Choosing a new name as part of a gender transition
  • How to choose a meaningful baby name
  • Choosing a baby name that honors family history
  • Consideration of both birth names and chosen names for your adopted child
  • Naming considerations for the blended or step-family
  • Naming considerations for same-sex couples
  • Whether or not to go back to your maiden name after divorce
  • Naming decisions after the death of a spouse
  • Changing your name to help you move on from a difficult past
  • How and why names are closely tied to identity
  • Planning a meaningful naming ceremony or incorporating one into your wedding
  • Talking to friends and extended family about your name change
  • Comparing and contrasting today's nontraditional surname options

Sample Topics on Business Naming:

  • Naming basics for the small and medium size business owner
  • Choosing a name that aligns with your brand's values and personality
  • Making it memorable
  • Getting clear on your target audience and the types of names they like
  • When to make up a new word (like Google), and when to stick with regular, easy-to-pronounce words (like Dove or Virgin)
  • Naming considerations for the family business
  • Naming considerations for the sole practitioner
  • When to include your own name in your business name
  • How to capture the charm factor
  • Why customers love authenticity and how to make it work in your name
  • How to choose a name for where you want to end up rather than for where you are right now
  • Guided brainstorming process for coming up with business names
  • Avoiding trademark and copyright infringement, and protecting yourself legally
  • How to avoid negative word connotations you might not even know about
  • Domain and social media username availability considerations
  • How to extend your brand through cohesive product and menu item names
  • Pairing the right logo to make your new name work
  • Getting the tagline and descriptions right
  • When to consider changing your business name
  • How to communicate with employees, customers, clients, and vendors about a name change
  • Special naming considerations for government and nonprofit organizations